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As mentioned above, Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and that makes it quite easy to find Greece holiday packages. However, bear in mind that while there are the popular attractions and places, there may also be some hidden gems which are not on all itineraries. This is the reason that you should spend some time and effort in choosing the right tour package that will give you a holistic experience of a country as engaging as Greece. It is also possible to find some travel agencies which provide tailor made tour packages.With endless stretches of pristine coastline, ancient ruins standing proud in the sun, strong feta and even stronger ouzo Greece is full of everything that an avid tourist could demand. The Greek people are especially passionate about politics, art, coffee and gossiping. Greece is especially attractive to the people who love the outdoors and there are myriad things you can do here like wandering along cobbled, Byzantine footpaths, hiking into volcanoes, watching dolphins and sea turtles and cycling through lush forests.

Best time to visit:
The best time to visit Greece is in spring to early summer (April to mid-June) and autumn (September to mid-October). Let's unpack the weather, sea temperatures, flight prices and festivals to look forward to!
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